Greek Restaurant In Smyrna

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When you’re craving the best Greek Restaurant in Smyrna, the decision on where to go is easy! Just gather up your friends & family, bring your appetite, and come to Opa Greek Village Taverna!

Traditional Greek Restaurant Cuisine You’ll Love - Opa Greek Village Taverna

Real, authentic Mediterranean cooking involves much more than just getting a professional chef to use traditional Greek ingredients like Olives, Lemon Juice, Herbs, Olive Oil, Fish, Red & White Wine, Lamb, Yoghurt, Filo, Honey, and other classic Greek and Mediterranean-influenced ingredients. Creating and maintaining a reputation as an authentic Greek Restaurant also involves more than just putting traditional Greek & Mediterranean dishes on the menu. Although delicious dishes like gyros, moussaka, keftedes, tzatziki, and baklava will make your restaurant seem authentically Greek, it takes a little more to become, and remain, one of Atlanta’s most popular authentic Greek Restaurants. Smyrna’s favorite authentic Greek and Mediterranean Restaurant, Opa Greek Village Taverna, is committed to upholding our reputation as an authentic Greek Restaurant. Our cuisine, our “everyone is family” atmosphere, our staff, and our commitment to serving our customers in our classic Opa style are all ingredients for an authentic Greek dining experience that you’re sure to love.

The Hercules platter was out of sight! The spanakopita is the best I've had in Atlanta. The grape leaves were fresh, and they weren't mushy. Overall the food was fresh and delicious.

~ Lynx. M, Atlanta Resident

“It's a great time to live or visit Smyrna - I love my neighborhood with all these new cool restaurants that are popping up. I personally love good Greek food and this place will also give you the cultural experience. Their calamari is very tender and tasty as well. Every time I have been here I have had a great experience and I am grateful to have such a cool restaurant in the neighborhood.”

~ Sean T., Smyrna, Georgia

Opa Greek Village Taverna - The Concept of “Opa”

The Greek Word “Opa” is a multi-faceted word, and can be used in many different ways by any nationality of people. Ultimately, “Opa” is of Greek and Mediterranean origin, and is most closely associated with praise, recognition, or as a celebration of someone’s achievements or contributions. If “Opa” is to be thought of as celebration of something good, then the appetizers, entrees, soups, salads, desserts, and beverages you’ll find at Opa Greek Village Taverna are truly worthy of recognition. Each mouth-watering bite and sip will prepare your taste buds for the complete Greek and Mediterranean dining experience that Opa fans have grown to know and love. You’ll love the generous portions of your delicious Greek meal, and you’ll notice they are perfectly portioned to share with your family and friends, or to keep all to yourself. When you try one of our tantalizing dishes, you’re sure to proclaim that wonderful little phrase, “OPA!”

I love Greek food, so I was excited to try the recently opened Opa Greek Village Taverna in Belmont Village on the corner of Atlanta Rd and Windy Hill Rd. I've been here 6 times already.

~ Kathryn S., Smyrna Resident